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Who we are

Areto Net Limited brings its flagship product, AretoNet, to the gambling market with clients spanning Europe & US. A company based in Malta, Europe’s iGaming hub, AretoNet focuses on delivering marketing automation, campaign optimization, analytics and artificial intelligence-based features to online, retail and free-to-play based gambling operators in various verticals; including Casino, Sportsbook, Pari-mutuel and Lottery.

AretoNet enables the iGaming Industry to acquire, retain and re-acquire players using unified data to make accurate decisions, execute campaigns and analyse effectiveness, while minimising the operational burden on the existing business.

Our product

  • Auto-

    automatic clustering of customers in various tiers based on gambling specific KPIs and metrics.

  • Multi-channel

    Communicate with your customers via Email, SMS, Push notifications, and customize your app or website content through a proprietary built alternative messaging channel

  • Pre-defined

    over 400 pre-defined segment attributes facilitate the creation of customer segments.

  • Cluster

    iGaming specific RFM analytics, cluster analysis on iGaming specific KPIs and metrics

  • Segment

    real-time analysis on all segments created provides accurate and immediate information about any customer segment

  • Real-time

    executing campaigns based on real-time data and insights is critical to the success of an effective message.

  • Predictive

    execute campaigns automatically and take action before it’s too late with Artificial Intelligence-based predictive modelling

  • Pre-defined cluster

    combine numerous clusters to easily target important customer groups with just a few clicks.

  • Acquisition

    identify acquisition channels that really work with internally built tracking and real-time analytics.

  • Above the Line

    track your acquisition and retention campaigns utilizing promotional codes and review campaign results in real-time

  • Mobile,
    Web and Retail

    send data in real-time or in batches from various channels through a secure and flexible API

Why choose us?

  • Gambling only

    While other marketing automation platforms focus on a variety of industries, AretoNet's sole focus is the Gambling industry. AretoNet's iGaming-driven principles provide cutting-edge features and metrics which specifically pertain to the Gambling industry.

  • Complex made simple

    AretoNet takes complex marketing problems and systems and combines them into one simple to use platform, that allows all members of the marketing team to use real-time data to take actionable steps to activate, retain and re-engage with their audience.

  • Meso-segmentation

    AretoNet focuses on meso-segmentation (a manageable balance between micro and macro-levels) to allow marketing, creative and operational teams to effectively support retention efforts with effective yet scalable campaigns at a minimum cost.

  • Fullstack cycle

    Leverage not only the users' platform actions but focus on integrating across the full user lifecycle, from initial marketing touchpoints, through the website, registration and through to reactivation.

  • Secure managed service

    Connect your platform with AretoNet through a flexible API, a JS SDK or a file-upload option while maintaining zero infrastructure costs. Hosted in multiple data centres for redundancy, a fully managed service provides all available features without the burden of setting up any infrastructure.

  • On-premise solution

    For added data privacy, an on-premise licensing option is available. Store and operate AretoNet's platform within your infrastructure and legal compliance framework. An on-premise solution also includes partial open-source modules which provide additional flexibility for more complex integrations and customized solutions.

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