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Who we are

We're a product-driven, technology oriented team with a focus on user experience and product usability. AretoNet brings its flagship CRM & Player Engagement platform to the gambling market with clients spanning Europe & US. AretoNet is company with headquarters in Malta, Europe’s iGaming hub and focuses on delivering Insights, CRM & Player Engagement solutions to operators and iGaming platforms in various verticals; including Casino, Sportsbook, Pari-mutuel, Bingo and Lottery.

AretoNet enables the iGaming Industry to engage, retain and re-acquire players using unified data to make accurate decisions, execute campaigns and analyse they're effectiveness, while minimising the operational burden on the existing business. AretoNet offers a Natural-Language-powered, easy-to-use unique Insights Hub that provides unparalleled insights on customer behaviour, demographics, product trends, KPIs clusters and more. AretoNet is the first BI platform equipped with Natural Language features tailored specifically to iGaming.

Insights Hub

  • Pre-defined

    Over 140 pre-defined iGaming reports covering product and player trends

  • Real-time &

    real-time data support through API or data streams, or, batched data through ETL

  • Slice &

    a truly unique and innovative feature to view your data from several different perpsectives

  • Ad hoc

    uncover any inisght in a few seconds with no SQL or technical knowledge required

  • Natural

    utilise AI & Natural Language to get answers to your questions, create reports & build any segment

  • Auto-

    automatic clustering of customers in various tiers based on gambling specific KPIs and metrics

  • Segment

    improve your existing CRM capabilities, PAM and 3rd party systems by pushing segment data, to any API

  • Custom solution

    power up your PAM or CRM and offer your customers with an iGaming specific BI platform

CRM & Player Engagement

  • Centralised

    manage multiple versions of content targeting specific segments or channels in one place

  • Multi-channel

    Communicate with your customers via Email, SMS, Push notifications, or any other channel

  • Pre-defined

    1,000+ pre-defined iGaming specific attributes and infinite possibilies

  • Reward

    iGaming specific RFM analytics, cluster analysis on iGaming specific KPIs and metrics

  • Journey

    utilise existing journey templates or create multi-tiered automations with engagement objectives

  • Real-time

    execute campaigns and define player goals based on real-time data

  • Predictive

    execute campaigns automatically and take action before it’s too late with AI-based predictive modelling

  • Acquisition

    identify acquisition channels that really work with internally built tracking and real-time analytics.


Partners & Integrations


  • AretoNet CRM For Marketing teams

    Discover a holistic CRM & Player Engagement platform that streamlines your campaigns. AretoNet CRM enables you to craft campaigns for retention, engagement, and reactivation, alongside automations that span various channels and products. Automate the distribution of rewards, monitor campaign performance, and leverage sophisticated segmentation and analytics tools from a single, integrated hub. Elevate your marketing efforts and drive player engagement to new heights with our comprehensive solution.

  • AretoNet CRM for Suppliers

    Unlock a new revenue stream and boost your clients' operations with a bespoke, white-label CRM solution. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics have set the standard for CRM solutions across various industries by enabling organisations to add bepsoke features that give them a competitive edge. The online gambling industry deserves no less. Differentiate your offering and provide a more personalised experience to your customers that align with your target markets, and strategic objectives. Step into a realm of customisation that exceeds the unique demands of the online gambling sector.

  • Betintel For Operators

    Unlock the power of data with Betintel, providing access to more than 300 predefined reports that offer immediate insights into customer behavior, bonus costs, Return to Player (RTP), product trends, and much more. Integrating Betintel.ai into your data layer opens up a world of advanced insights, enhancing operational efficiency across every department. Embrace the future of data-driven decision-making and propel your business forward with Betintel.

  • Betintel for Supplierss

    Elevate your clients' operations with a white-label configuration of Betintel, set up on a dedicated and secure instance. Thanks to Betintel's unmatched flexibility with any dataset, you can provide your clients the ability to discover deep insights through the power of conversational natural language. Empower your clients to make informed, data-driven decisions with this cutting-edge technology. Begin transforming your clients' data strategy today!

  • Betintel For Retail

    Betintel, the premier Insights & Segmentation Hub from AretoNet, offers unparalleled customisation for your land-based datasets. Whether you're managing casino operations, a racetrack, sportsbook, lottery, or bingo, harness the transformative power of conversational natural language. By integrating Betintel into your data layer, you unlock powerful insights designed to elevate your operation's efficiency. Experience the future of data-driven decision-making with Betintel.

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